Data protection declaration

  1. Description of Vegan Research’s Business.

Vegan Research provides sampling solutions and technology for survey research and providing clients with access to consumer and business-to-business respondents via internet, telephone (both fixed/landline and wireless/mobile), postal and multi-mode methodologies. Vegan Research serves a vast array of for-profit and not-for profit businesses, universities and governmental agencies and departments.

This Privacy Policy describes the types of information we collect, how we collect information, how we use the information, how we share or disclose the information, how we store the information, and your choices regarding the use and processing of the information.

  1. What type of information do we collect?

We collect the following information of the following type:

  1. Personally identifiable information (“PII”) which includes, without limitation, first and last names, email address, telephone number(s) (e.g., home, mobile, and business numbers), and residential address.
  2. Business contact information, including, without limitation, company name, job title, and department.
  3. Information on your employer or the company you represent.
  1. How do we collect information?
  1. Through telephone calls, email communications, and/or other forms of communication with you.
  2. Through inquiries, from requests for bids or quotes from our website.
  3. Information collected from third parties: Vegan Research may collect information, including, without limitation, PII and business contact information, from third parties, including, without limitation, information service bureaus, data brokers, social media platforms, and/or industry conference or event organizers or sponsors. We may use the information collected from such third parties for various purposes, including, without limitation, sending you emails, or other communications as described herein. In the event you receive such communications you will have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us.
  1. How We Use the Information that We Collect?

We may use the information you provide us when you register to our panel to:

  1. Provide, administer, and communicate with you about Vegan Research’s services
  2. Create, supplement, and update Vegan Research´s directories and records for actual and/or potential suppliers, customers, and/or clients;
  3. Protect against and prevent fraud, claims, liabilities, and to manage risk exposure;
  4. Respond to inquiries and requests;
  5. Operate, evaluate, conduct, and improve Vegan Research’s business (including, without limitation, to conduct and complete transactions for Vegan ’s products and/or services, to improve Vegan Research’s current products and/or services, to develop new products and/or services, etc.);
  6. Process and manage opt-out or unsubscribe requests;
  7. Comply with applicable laws, regulations, codes, and industry standards and practices;
  8. Conduct marketing and market research activities including, without limitation, (a) contacting you to participate in customer satisfaction surveys or questionnaires via telephone, email, or otherwise, and (b) soliciting your opinions or feedback on Vegan Research’s business activities, including, without limitation, current and future products and services;
  9. Create and send targeted communications to you regarding you or your company’s transactions with Vegan Research and/or the profile for your company;
  10. Respond to a subpoena or an order of a court or government agency;
  11. Establish, exercise, or defend legal claims, including, without limitation, in order to protect the safety of an individual or to protect Vegan Research’s rights and/or property; and
  12. Evaluate your interest in employment and contact you regarding possible employment opportunities with Vegan Research.
  1. How do we share your information?

Vegan Research does not sell and does not disclose your private information. We only consider your opinion. The demographic and other information you provide us is only to address the right surveys according to your profile.

  1. Where is Information Stored?

Vegan Research can emphatically state that all the data you provide to Vegan Research (registration, profile and survey responses) will be stored in the EU on highly secured servers in a market leading data storage facility.

  1. What Security Measures Has Vegan Research Implemented?

Vegan Research maintains appropriate technical, administrative and physical safeguards to protect information, including, without limitation, PII, received or collected by Vegan Research. Vegan Research reviews, monitors and evaluates its privacy practices and protection systems on a regular basis. Notwithstanding the foregoing, transmissions over the Internet and/or a mobile network are not one hundred percent (100%) secure and Vegan Research does not guarantee the security of such transmissions. Vegan Research is not responsible for any errors by individuals in submitting PII to Vegan Research.

  1. How long the data is stored?

We store your personal data for as long we have your consent to do so. If you revoke your consent the corresponding data will be deleted in accordance with statutory regulations.

  1. How can I opt-out?

If at any time you wish to be deleted from our database, you will have the ability to unsubscribe from our program and with that, all of your data will be permanently deleted. While we are very strict about your privacy, we are also very strict about our client’s privacy. As a member of our community you will have access to information about products that are not yet on the market. You are absolutely prohibited from blogging about any survey content, copying and distributing images or in any other way sharing specific information that may harm our clients.

  1. Use of Social Plug-ins

The icons or buttons of the social networks work as external links, your information is not transferred to one of these providers. By clicking on one of the icons, the user will be redirected to the website of the respective social network.

You can find information on this matter in the data protection declarations of the respective providers:

Facebook: Facebook’s privacy policy can be found here:

LinkedIn: The privacy policy of LinkedIn can be found here:

Twitter: The privacy policy of Twitter can be found here:

If you have any questions about this policy please contact us at

If you have any questions regarding data protection or requests for information or for deletion of your data, you can contact our data protection officer at any time:
Our data protection officer is: Mr. Paulo Diego Ayala Calderon



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