Market Research

We work with you to address the most important challenges to make a great product and focus in what is most important for your clients.


We help companies to test their products across the various stages and different target groups.

we generate more and better ideas, using the voice of consumers for improvement. Our approach is based in In Home Usage Tests (IHUT), N=100,200 and 300 participants in Germany. This will help you to have a solid feedback of your product. We validate and suggest areas for improve your plant-based product..

B2B Surveys

We help Producers to understand the Distributors for better understand their decision making and critical touchpoints.

We enable your organization to know better the distribution channel (supermarkets and bio supermarkets) to report their experience with your brand and inform about what is happening at the sales point to solve the possible pain points.


We help you to build functional brand awareness evaluating media and unveiling trends to improve your merchandising,

We can measure your brand awareness regularly, capturing feedback in real time to see the real effectiveness of your marketing material and campaigns.

Customer Experience

Every client is unique in their own way. We help you to get feedback and improve your relationships

We interview at the sales point (Biosupermarkt, Restaurant, Cafe), giving the consumer the opportunity to raise their opinion and help to improve their purchase experience.