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Personalized Nutrition Counselling

This is the first step in your journey, after we can help you to develop a nutrition plan that supports you in achieving your health and wellness goals.


  • 60 minutes initial consultation
  • Know more about your goals
  • In-depth interview to know more about your health situation, sports and dietary habits.
  • Nutritional suggestions based on weight, height, age, sex, percentage of body fat and measurements according to the goals to be achieved

We perform a comprehensive assessment of your medical, nutrition and weight condition, as well as medications, supplements, food allergies, preferences and other lifestyle factors.


  • Week 1: Initial consultation – 60 minutes
  • Week 2: 1 Month Meal Plan – 60 minutes. After the first session we need about 1 week to prepare your diet, this will be based on the information we get in the first session, here we will explain in detail the documentation we will give you.
  • Week 4: Follow up -60 minutes. After 2 weeks is the right time to assess significant changes in weight. In this session we will evaluate your progress and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Week 6:  Follow up -60 minutes. The results and the changes obtained are evaluated
  • Continuous support: During this month you don´t have to feel alone in overcoming the inconveniences you encounter on a daily basis. We will support you by text and voice messages.